Mifare Reader Writer ACR 1222L

Mifare Reader Writer ACR 1222L

Mifare Reader Writer ACR 1222L

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The ACR1222L is a PC-linked NFC contactless reader with LCD screen and USB host 10% -80% interface. Developed based on the 13.56 Mhz RFID technology and the  ISO/IEC 18092 NFC standard, it support ISO 14443 Type A and B cards, Mifare, Felica and all four types of NFC tags. ACR1222L is equipped with 4 LEDs, a buzzer and an LCD, providing users with a clear indication of the reader’s status. The two-line graphic LCD has multiple language support, including Chinese, English, Japanese and several European languages. It allows interactive operation, such as scrolling up and down, left & right, etc.


ACR1222L also comes with three built-in SAM slots for enchanced security  in  contactless operations. Moreover, ACR1222L has a built-in anti-collision feature and direct card type poliing commands that enable smooth operation in cases where multiple  cards are present. ACR1222L has firmware upgra - dability and PC/SC compliance, which allows its interopera - bility across differnet applicationsand platforms. With the  convenience it enabled in contactless transactions, ACR1222L is suitable for applications such as payment, access control and time and attendance checking.

Power source

  : From USB, 5V/ 100 mA


  : USB 2.0, 12 Mbps

Operating Frequency   

  :  13.56 Mhz

Operating Distance

  : Up to 50 mm

Support type

  : Mifare, Felica, ISO 14443 A/B


  : Polycarbonate (PC)


  : 90mm (L) x 65mm (W) x 12.8mm (H)


  : 70 g

Antena size

  : 50 mm x 40 mm

Cable length

  : 1.0 m USB cable


  : Monotone

  • PC/SC for both Contactless and SAM interfaces
  • USB Full Speed (12 Mbps)
  • Read/write speed of up to 424 kbps
  • Support for new Mifare Ultralight C and DESFire Ev1 Built-in anti-collision feature (only one tag is accessed at any time)
  • Three ISO 7816-compliant SAM slots Four User-controllable LEDs

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