Mifare Reader Writer ACR 122U

Mifare Reader Writer ACR 122U

Mifare Reader Writer ACR 122U

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The ACR 122U is a PC-linked contactless smart card reader/writer used for accessing ISO 14443-4 Type A and B, Mifare, ISO 18092 or NFC, and FeliCa tags. The ACR122U is PC/SC compliant so it is compatible with exiting PC/SC applications. Furthermore, the standard Microsoft CCID driver is used to simplify driver installation. The ACR122U serves as the intermediary device between the personal computer and the contactless tag via the USB interface.


The reader carries out the command from the PC whether the command is used in a order to communicate with a contactless tag, or control the device peripherals (LED or buzzer). The ACR122U uses the PC/sc APDUs for contactless tags following the PC/SC Specification and makes use of pseudo APDUs in sending commands for ISO 18092 tags and controlling the device peripheral. This document will discuss the ACR122U can be used in your smart card sysytem.

Power source

  : From USB, 5V/ 100 mA


  : USB 2.0, 12 Mbps

Operating Frequency  

  :  13.56 Mhz

Operating Distance

  : Up to 50 mm

Support type

  : Mifare, Felica, ISO 14443 A/B


  : Polycarbonate (PC)


  : 90mm (L) x 65mm (W) x 12.8mm (H)


  : 70 g


  : Pearl White

Antena size

  : 50 mm x 40 mm

Cable length

  : 1.0 m USB cable


  : Monotone

  • USB 2.0 Full Speed Interface
  • CCID Compliance
  • Smart Card Reader:
    • Read/write speed of up to 424 kbps
    •  Built-in anti- collision feature (only one tag is accessed at any time)
  • Application Programming Interface:
    • Support PC/SC
    • Support CT-API (through wrapper on top of PC/SC)

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