Proximity Reader ER702

Proximity Reader ER702

Proximity Reader ER702

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When the card approach the reader, the red light turn into green, after glinting to turn redcolor again, the buzzer sound shows transting data. It has 500ms proximity, if the same ID card is still in the proxomity range, reader will not send out the data, neither giving any sound hint. But for Different ID card entering Proximity Area, Reader can do response continually and send out the data.

Card read distance

: Up to 8 cm


: Rs 232 or woegand 26 interface

Maximum cable distance to controller

: 100m

Type of cable

: 8 wires shielded cable,22 awg

Operating voltage range

: 9 -16 vdc

Reader consumption           

: Standby : 85ma, Read : 100ma

Operating temp. Range     

: -40 degree to 70 degree

  • Reads Standard EM Card
  • 9-12Vdc Power Supply
  • Standard RS232 Interface
  • Ideal for use in ID and Access Control
  • Built-in audible buzzer acknowledging card reading and bicolor led acknowledging access
  • Read all 26 bits em cards
  • Hidden mounting screws deters vandalism

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