Proximity Reader ER705

Proximity Reader ER705

Proximity Reader ER705

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ER705 is installed on wall beside common door in a hotel, apartment, etc; it is connected with Electric lock which  locks the common door, read cards on Er705 to control the unlocking of electric lock. It can work with our lock system, management by the software, installed in the  commond door which is not suitable to install the hotel lock, to connect the electric lock, work as similiar as the hotel lock.

Card Type

: Mifare One(13.56MHz, IC card)

: EM Card(125KHz, ID Card) Optimal

Card Reader Style

: Above two model (the picture aboveshowing) optional


: Wingand 26 or RS 485 or Rs232, optional

Effective Sensing Distance

: Mifare one, 6 - 10 cm EM card, 12 - 15 cm


: 80mm x 75mm x 2mm

Response Speed

: <=0.1 second


: Mifare One (read, write optional), EM card

  • Set relay time 0.2-12sec available
  • 12V DC POWER.
  • Work together with ele-bolt or other type electronic lock.
  • Lock events download available
  • Waterproof shell
  • 5 wires

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